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Childrens vs Infant generic Tylenol

So does anyone know what dose to give an infant if you use the Children's formula?  I cannot find any infant formula ANYWHERE and we need it desperately.  TIA!

Re: Childrens vs Infant generic Tylenol

  • I asked the pharmacist this question this weekend about Ibuprofin because they didn't have any infants. In that case, it was 1/2 tsp. for a 1 year old, where as a 2 - 3 yr old gets 1 tsp.

    The pharmacist should be able to tell you regarding the Tylenol. I don't know what the mg/ml on the infant's vs children's Tylenol, so the Ibuprofin dosage obviously doesn't help you - just the fact that the pharmacist told me ;o).

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  • I got the Target brand infant's acetomeniphen (sp?) drops.  My pedi gives a handout for how much to use since the package says to ask a doctor if under a certain age.

    Aaron will now get 2 droppers full per the handout.  I remember that 17-13 lb was 1.5 droppers full.


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    Yes, just call your dr for the dosage.  I've been giving DS the children's ibuprofen.

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