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Follie update....not so good :-(

My follicles have indeed either shrunk, or the tech on Monday was being generous.

On Monday there were 4 total, measuring 16, 17, 13 & 12.

Today, they are (in the same order) 13, 16, 13 &12

Estrogen on Monday was was 35......which is obviously not moving in the right direction.

What on Earth could be happening?  The woman who called couldn't answer any questions and I have to go back to the imaging center on Friday to check again.


Re: Follie update....not so good :-(

  • ougrad1ougrad1 member

    One of my follies seemingly stopped growing as well my bfp cycle but, the next time I went in it had picked up again.  Both my follies took that cycle, I'm 25 wks pregnant and everything looks great with the twins.  Keep the faith and see what happens on Friday.


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  • I'm sorry, hun. Keep the faith. Hoping your next u/s shows growth!
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  • Hmm I'm sorry things are going not so good. That is quite a drop in the estrogen too. I hope things pick up for you soon!!
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