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babies and pools

How old was your baby when you first put them in a swimming pool? I wqnt to put my 3 month old in the pool next weekend but the pediatrician said wait until 6 months, anyone not wait until 6 months?

Re: babies and pools

  • I think he was 8 months.  We didn't have a pool to put him in before that LOL.
  • 3 months is fine, you just aren;t supposed to use sunscreen, so you have to be really careful about keeping the baby in the shade, rash guard, sunglasses, hat, the whole thing!
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  • Most of the girls have mentioned 6 months because you shouldn't apply sunblock before then.  But, I'm not sure about the pool in general.  By the time next summer rolls around and the pool is warm enough to actually swim in, our baby will be around the 6 month mark.
  • our pedi said 4 months, 6 months for sunblock
  • My kids were in our pool as soon as their belly buttons healed.  We went in the shade in the early evening.
  • I was just asking this same question on here a few weeks ago lol. I took her in for the first time when she was around 4.5 months old (I think). I bought the Nutrogena "pure" sunscreen that is supposedly chemical-free based on another Bumpie's recommendation and just applied a thin layer on her. We did the whole hat/sunglasses/float with shade combo so that she wouldn't get too much sun. She was fine :)
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