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Testicular Hydrocoele

Neos think DS may have this rather than hernias...anyone's DS have this and how was the surgery to drain/ligate?


Re: Testicular Hydrocoele

  • Robbie had bilateral inguinal hernias and a hydrocele. They actually left his hydrocele alone because it's very small. They fixed his hernias when they did his stomach surgery about 2 weeks before coming home from the NICU.

    It's hard to say how it went because he had so much done at the same time. His testicles turned REALLY black, though. They kept checking it to make sure it wasn't necrotic, but it was just a really nasty bruise. He had a hard time waking from anesthesia, so he was out for a couple of days, but after he woke up, it didn't seem to bother him.

  • Our surgeon did an exam at 3 months and then suggested we leave it until 1 year and re-evaluate then. Fortunately it was already gone by then. Do you think you could wait it out a bit and see if it resolves on its own?
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  • ayramayram member
    Our DS's wasn't noticed until 4 yrs old, and surgery was quick & easy.  Treating it a little younger might have been easier because we wouldn't have had to explain it to him.  He did really well though.  Bigger scar than I expected!
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