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double stroller help

i've gotta get my act in gear here and start looking for a double stroller, but i need some input. i don't want to get a new car seat- the one we have is only three years old and part of a travel system.  that stroller will be fine for short outings.  but i need something that will accomodate my 3 1/2 yr old son also.  i don't know that a sit and stand is what i want, either.  i am sure a trip to bru will bring clarity, but i'm looking for advice before i head in there.  thanks!

Re: double stroller help

  • we got a Combi double stroller thru craigslist. instead of the whole carrier/car seat thing, we just recline the back for DS and DD sits in front. works fine for us and they're in it a lot!
  • rsd12rsd12 member
    I don't think I will be much help - but the only double stroller I needed was my jogging stroller for running & long walks.  Baby bjorn was so much easier for #2 & #3 when they were really little.
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    I have a P&T double but DD hops in and out so much and DS is so heavy now that it can tip backwards.  So I'm likely going to invest in a sit n' stand.  There is a model of sit n' stand that actually is a double but converts to a sit n stand.  Might want to investigate.  I just found that DD is so reluctant to be confined to a stroller 100% of the time for any outing.

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