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LOs still sleeping most of the day

My DDs are 4 months actual but 2 months adjusted.  They still sleep most of the day.  I worry about them not getting enough stimulation during the day.  Tummy/play time is limited b/c they fall asleep after their bottles.  I try to sing, read etc when they are awake.  I have their 4 month check up next week.  Of course I will ask their pedi about my concerns but in the mean time I thought I'd see what your thoughts/experiences have been.  Should I be waking them up more?
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Re: LOs still sleeping most of the day

  • I'm not sure. My LO is about 10 weeks old actual (2 weeks adjusted) and he sleeps most of the day also. He is awake for maybe 2 hours twice a day (besides feedings).
  • Sorry, I have not good advice but my boys sleep most of the day as well.  they are 2 months old and almost 40w adjusted.
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  • My DD who was born at 34 weeks was the same way.  (I even came on the board to ask the same question!)  She literally slept all day for the first 4 months. She would not even wake up to eat.  Sometimes she even ate and slept at the same time. I remember I was so concerned because she was not hitting the 4 month milestones.  Her doctor didn't seem to be concerned. He just said to come back and see him if she didn't have more wake up time in the next couple of weeks. Then it seemed like right after her 4 month appointment, she all of a sudden started having wake-up time!
  • My guys slept most of the day until they were almost 7 months adjusted! I think it's pretty common for preemies to be really sleepy babies. However, at their next pedi appointment you should ask your pediatrician to test them for anemia, because it is very, very common in preemies (even preemies on extra iron supplements), and it can cause them to be sleepier than termies.
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