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Amherst Ped Gals what are your thoughts on the docs there? Who do you like, who do you not like?

We've mainly seen Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Cozza. Yesterday was Dr. Montgomery (I think?) and we haven't seen her before, just in the hospital. Dr. Vaughan is the one that mocks me all the time. We've seen the Asian female doctor (sorry, I don't remember her name either) and she seems ok. I like Dr. Maggioli but he seems "out there" a little too much. We really liked Dr. Springer but he left. I guess I just haven't felt connected to any certain doc.

If you don't feel comfortable sharing your opinions - can you PM me? Or I can just DD after. Thanks!!

Re: Amherst Ped Gals

  • How funny- I went to Amherst Peds for a while when I was little.  I saw Dr. Maggioli and I remember thinking he was old then.  How old is he now? 
  • Haha - yeah, he's getting up there. He is very nice - Evan really liked him as a baby.
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  • Tons of people went to APA as kids and now take their LO's there including myself- the ones that were there for at least 20+ years are Cozza, Francemone, Vaughan and Maggioli.  I'm pretty sure appointments with those fill guys fill up first at least in part because of name recognition since at least somebody knows somebody who can say they saw one of them

    Look for a PM from me too though

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