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I am home with my DS who has his 4th ear infection right now.  Our pedi gave us a list of recommended ENTs. 

The ENT that I have been going to on and off for the past 7 years is on the list and takes infant patients. 

I already made an appointment with him, but I am wondering is it better to go with someone who specializes in infants?  If so, can you recommend your doctor?  We are in Springfield....

Re: ENT Question

  • Our doctor had both adult and children/babies for patients and we were very, very pleased with him.

    I can see a benefit to having one who specializes in pediatrics, but it wasn't an issue for us.

  • We go to Otolar.. however you spell it.. of Northern VA in Merrifield.  I love the doctors there.  They did DD's tubes and will be doing her surgery to remove a thyroglossal cyst in a few weeks.  Very kid friendly.
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  • We go to Otalanrgology Assoc (no clue how to spell) in Merrifield as well.  They did my oldest's 2 tube surgeries and adenoidectomy.  I'm taking DS there as well as we are on 4 ear infections already at 11 months and his family history doesn't bode well for him.   They did a great job in both surgeries we have had.  
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