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What's the deal with soy?

I've read that's it's really bad. But wednsday is dollar oatmeal day at Jamba! They make it with blueberries, raspberries, no sugar...and soymilk. So, why is it so bad??
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Re: What's the deal with soy?

  • I've only heard that soy in excess is bad. One serving should be perfectly fine.
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  • My RE had it listed as a thing to avoid while I was stimming. From what I understand soy can affect the amount of estrogen in your system. 
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  • Agreed-one serving won't hurt.  Besides, Jamba oatmeal is SO GOOD!! Enjoy! 

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  • I tried using soy supplements to make my cycle days shorter, back about a year ago before I was seeing a specialist.  It didn't work.  I don't think it would be a problem unless you had way too much of it.  
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  • I recall reading somewhere that soy was bad, but can't remember where or what it said.... (very helpful, I know). I also remember reading about peas being harmful to fertility... probably from the same source. I'm with everyone else, IMO, one serving isn't going to make a difference.
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  • I think soy has plant estrogen in it.  But, I agree w/ pps that you probably would have to eat it in mass quantities to make a difference.  If it was really that potent, wouldn't they just have people eat some edamame to build their lining, etc.?  Big Smile

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  • Ugh! I am on medifast right now. All of the protein in medifast is soy based. Dont even tell me I am being my own worse enemy right now!!


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  • It's my understanding that eating too much soy can cause you to produce excess estrogen; but this is only typically a problem if soy is like your only source of protein.  Normalized servings of it here and there shouldn't be a problem.  This info is from the dietician who works down the hall from me.
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  • image krissyh21:
    My RE had it listed as a thing to avoid while I was stimming. From what I understand soy can affect the amount of estrogen in your system. 

    This. And if you have any of the fun stuff like endometriosis, or have ever had some types of cancer that are "estrogen-loving", like certain types of breast cancer, soy should generally be avoided. I figure that having tofu once in a while isn't a problem, but I'm not planning on replacing my almond milk with soy milk anytime soon.

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  • Soy's not "bad", but it mimics estrogen in your body.  So when you are TTC or if you're on hormones, it's best to keep it in moderation.  It's also something for DH to avoid while TTC.  GL!
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  • I think they say to avoid soy b/c it causes your body to produce less estrogen that your body actually needs by mimicking it. Studies suggest that even in normal women, soy can result in delayed ovulation (let alone for us IFers who don't ovulate!). This was huge for me b/c I was a vegetarian for 9 years and ate several servings of soy a day. I have since cut it all out of my diet, with an occasional exception. I think the studies said the amount of soy that resulted in problems was the amount of soy equivalent to 3 servings of soy milk per day (so not as much as you'd think!), and of course this probably varies by individual.
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