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What baby food to try after rice cereal?

We have had success with rice cereal and now are looking to introduce a new solid to DS this weekend.  Our pedi just listed off a few things (sweet potato, carrot, avocado) but didn't really recomend one over the other.  I just wanted to see what you ladies tried as a "first" food (after rice cereal) for your LOs and see what your advise/experiences were.

I should include I am planning to make the baby food myself with my trusty steamer & food processor.  Any tips here would also be helpful! Wink


Re: What baby food to try after rice cereal?

  • Your DS is so cute!

    We started little man on veggies first as we figured if he would eat those, then we knew he would like the fruits as they are sweeter. For the first foods, we did a lot of peas, green beans, carrots, squash, etc. Sounds like you're on the right track.

    FWIW, I tried to make my own baby food too. Make sure you blend the holy heck out of it. Mine always seemed to have clumps. But it could have just been meStick out tongue

  • You could also try oatmeal. As far as the rest, our pedi recommended doing all the veggies before fruits because if they do the "sweet" fruits, they might not take the the veggies. That being said I think when we started with DD it was either sweet potato or carrot....can't remember but I know it was Orange!!! :)
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  • check out wholesomebabyfoods.com for ideas

    we did avocado, mashed up really well, mixed with BM as 2nd food (after rice cereal). Unfortunately, DD was allergic to it (it is, after all, a nut).

  • We did sweet potatoes next, which DD loves to this day. She also loves carrots. We thought doing veggies first would mean she would eat them even after being introduced to fruit, which is sweeter. We haven't actually found that to be true. She'll just eat what she likes and won't eat what she doesn't like. We cannot get her to eat the green veggies as hard as we try, even mixed in with rice cereal. She also hates peaches (possibly more than she hates the green veggies). I was really concerned about the order of introducing things in the beginning, thinking it would have some impact on what she would and wouldn't eat later, but I've learned it really doesn't matter.

    Good luck!

  • If you are making it yourself, try bananas or avocado since you don't have to cook them and if they are ripe you can get a good mash with just a fork and not a food processor (although when I batch make things and freeze I use the food processor for ease of use).
  • Our pedi suggested starting with the orange-colored veggies, thought I don't really know why. So, we did sw. potato, carrot and squash. If you're making your own, sweet potato is super easy. I just roast a whole one and mashed it up with a fork (though you sometimes have to pick stringy parts out). Same with acorn squash.
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  • Ditto Wholesomebabyfood.com !!!

    We started with Sweet potatoes and bananas as first foods. With each I blended in breast milk so the consistency was smoother. LO loves both!

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