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experienced mommas:WWYD

baby is very fussy, bipolar actually

goes from being happy and smiley to crying/fussy

we try something and she'll stop for 10 minutes, then cry/fuss again

just took her temp and it's 99.7

gave her gripe water and it did nothing

should i call the on call doc?

Re: experienced mommas:WWYD

  • I wouldn't, but that's me. Was that a rectal temp or under her armpit? Maybe try bicycling her legs or other things that have worked for gas in the past. A bath always helped J when he was fussy, it kind of "reset" him in a way. There's no harm in giving a little dose of Tylenol to see if it helps. I always have the mind that I'd rather medicate when nothing is wrong than not give meds when my kiddo is hurting. But in the end, you know your kid best and if something seems really wrong that can't wait until tomorrow, call.
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    I would take it again in an hour and see how she is.  As the above poster said, which way did you take it?  Our pedi says only rectal is accurate.  Bath was always great for us.  Nursing and wearing while walking also helped.  Good luck!
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  • I would call the on-call nurse before I gave Tylenol if you've never given it before.  I know when we had a rough day with DD around 2 months (screamed all day and wouldn't eat for 16 hours) we called and the nurse told us that DD was still too little.  She was about 12lbs at the time.  I'm a mom who is hesitant to medicate, however.  The on-call nurse is there just for this reason--you call, talk it out with them, and they let you know if it sounds like you need to come in.  I've called several times, and every time they've said that DD would probably be fine and to wait it out they were right.  It never hurts to just call and ask.  Hope your LO feels better soon!
  • I agree, don't give tylenol at that age w/o calling the pedi.  I think a bath is a good idea though - nice change of pace/distraction.  Is it still light out where you are? Can you take baby for a walk? That was always another good distraction for G when he was tiny.
  • If you don't mind showering or bathing with your LO, do that instead of a reg. bath. The skin to skin helps. When Ari is his fussiest & nothing else works, a shower with mommy resets his whole system.
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  • how did you take the temp? Try taking it rectally... if it's gas or other tummy troubles, that may relieve the problems ;)
  • It might be the beginning of teething. My son started this a few weeks ago. First it was drooling and spit bubbles, then it moved on to gumming and fussing. My pedi said it can give him a small fever. We give DS a paci and he likes to "chew" on it. He has never liked a paci until now and he doesn't suck on it, he just moves it on his gums and chomps on it. We tried teething rings, but he prefers the paci. He is much happier afterward
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    sorry i didn't reply sooner, we finally got her asleep, i will definitely use all these suggestions next time

    it was a rectal temp and i took it this morning and it was normal

    and to the teething thing, you may be on to something b/c she is doing a lot of drooling and wants her paci more than usual...kind of seems to chew on it

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