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No is my least favorite word

Rosie was sick this weekend, and while her symptoms are gone, she's still a bit cranky.  I swear, I have never heard a kid say "no" so many times in my life, and absolutely everything is a struggle right now. 

She doesn't want to nap, eat, drink, go to the library, go home, get in the car, get out of the car, take a bath, get out of the bath, or go to bed.  She's been so cranky that I couldn't think of anything for the "AW your LO" post, because frankly she's not all that cute right now.

Just needed to vent!

Re: No is my least favorite word

  • Aww. I'm sorry. Hopefully once she feels better she will be her "old self again" and be a sweet happy little girl.  I know the heat is getting to both Eve and I too..
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  • TinaL99TinaL99 member

    I'm sorry.  I am not looking forward to that stage!

    My Aunt gave me a card for my baby shower and wrote "Never teach them the word NO".  I have a feeling that she's on to something!

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  • wendyjwendyj member
    I definitely know where you're coming from. When he turns into a crank-monster, all I can do is think of how long it will be before bedtime. Does she walk around behind you yelling "no" for no reason? I get that. Fun times.
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