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what is your "schedule"?

I am very flexible with LO- but I think the reason he has such crappy sleep/nap habits is he will fall asleep in the car and then wake when we arrive somewhere..and then he will crash when I drive again...this isnt everyday but dont they need consistant routines to establish habits?

so show me what you guys do..(how do you schedule playgroups and classes?) 

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Re: what is your "schedule"?

  • right now I am trying to transition Evan to 1 nap a day... well, really I think he's trying... I'm kinda going w/ the flow.

    But I normally get out of the house early (shopping or the gym), right after breakfast and then make it home by 10-10:30 for his morning nap. He'll nap for anywhere from 30min to 2 hours. Then we eat lunch and sometimes go out in the afternoon too, if not we will go for a walk to the park, or play in the yard if it's nice out. Then he goes down for an afternoon nap between 3:30-4 and sometimes sleeps for 2 hours (especially if he took a sh!tty morning nap)

    But, I don't live and die by his nap schedule... if I know we have something going on in the late afternoon, I'll try and keep him busy in the morning so he goes down for a later nap (after lunch) that way I know he'll be ok w/ out an afternoon nap. Or if we are out and about he'll just snooze in the car... even if it's only 20 minutes, it's usually enough to keep him in a good mood until bedtime.

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    Daycare really helped us set his daytime routine as it is now. We try to follow that as closely as possible. On weekends, he still gets up with the chickens, so if he's awake any time before 7, we bring him into bed with us. He'll have breakfast between 7 and 8, then we'll play, do things around the house, or do errands, if I have any. Between 11:30 and 12, we have lunch, then he goes in for his nap. He'll sleep 1.5-3 hours. Then we'll play, either inside or out depending on the weather, go to church (on Saturday), then have dinner and our nighttime routine begins around 7:30. We'll plan things for the morning since he typically sleeps for most of the afternoon.

    When he was younger, I tried to make sure that whatever he did was in between his nap times. He was pretty predictable as to when he wanted to eat or sleep, so we would plan things for his awake time. When he was really young, he liked going to the mall or wherever, and would doze in the stroller when he wanted.

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  • I sort of miss the days that DD would nap as she went along in her carseat-I feel tied to the house now because of her nap schedule, but I know she needs it too!

    Typically she wakes up between 7-730, nurses (or bottle if its a work day for me) then we play until her nap at 930/10ish. She naps anywhere from 40min-1.5 hours. This is when I shower when I'm home. She gets up, we have lunch and either play or go for a walk/short errand to be home for her 2nd nap around 130/2ish (usually 2 hours after she wakes from nap 1). This nap is also between 40min-1.5 hours. When she gets up is usually when I'll go out if we have to-its her longest period of wake time. So if we go out, we do it then or we'll go for a walk or something. Dinner is usually around 5:45 and bedtime is around 7-730.

  • Leah is getting consistant and doing something like 45 minutes in the am, 2 hours in the aft and 30 minutes in the pm. Evan did this too. It was really hard to bring him places at certain would make him over tired and over I always did things on HIS schedule not mine (something DH is still getting used to)

    When going somewhere - I had everything ready so all I had to do was get him up, feed him a bottle, put him in the carseat and go. I would try to be home by his next nap. If he fell asleep in the car, I drove around so he could finish his nap that way - I never woke him up.

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