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PSA! Virginia Parents!! (Busch Gardens)

*From ARMYmarriedNAVY


Hey all! I know that we get a one time admission every year, but this year through 6 SEP, Busch Gardens is offering a pass for children 5 years old and under. LINK!

It is open to Virginia residents ONLY BUT THERE IS  A LOOPHOLE! Bring in your military ID as well as a utility bill to the park and you will be good to go. It has to be a UTILITY BILL not a cell phone bill (i.e. electric, gas, etc).

 ANNUAL PASS IS $99.95 AT THE PARK. Check with your local ITT/MWR office for discounted rates.

I JUST got off the phone with the park to confirm everything. You must also PRE-REGISTER for the offer by following the link above, and you will have to bring a birth certificate for your child to prove their age.

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