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one insemination or two per cycle?

I know ttc/2ww is tough. As such, I would like to minimize the length of it, but of course finances are also an issue. * In the past the alternative insemination center has recommended three months of one insemination first, but they will do either.

My cycle is consistently 30-31 days.  I ovulate.  I will be 35 when we start. I have been taking prenatals for several years.  I will be starting to use my cbefm two cylces before we begin inseminations.

Would you recommend starting with one or two inseminations per cycle? Any other advice other than charting? 

Re: one insemination or two per cycle?

  • We were in a similiar situation in wanting to minimize the length of ttc while also considering finances at the same time. As such, we got a little more aggressive with each bfn. Here's how:

    Month 1: One natural iui

    Month 2: One iui with Clomid

    Month 3: New donor, one iui with clomid and trigger shot

    Month 4: 2 iuis, clomid and trigger. This was the cycle that worked.

    ETA: I had very regular 29 day cycles and ovulated normally.

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  • i believe sucess rates are not significantly different between 1 insem vs 2.  That being said, we had plenty of cyles in which we decided to do 2 and make sure the window was covered. not that it worked any better :P

    I'd try 2 months of 1 insem/month before moving onto 2/month.

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    FWIW - We always did 2 per cycle and it took us 9 cycles to get pregnant (and we upped the anti every few cycles (from natural to ending up with injectibles.)


    good luck!!!

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  • we just did one per cycle. It took 6 tries. I don't have any advice on the cbefm or charting, though. my wife was medicated and monitored the whole time, and because she works 3rd and didn't have a consistent sleep schedule through the weekends charting was useless for us.
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    We used the clear blue easy fertility monitor. It is a bit expensive, but I felt it was worth it. This helped me out since I peaked on day 9 of my cycle and my doctor didn't recommend to start using the monitoring sticks until day 10. I was successful after two tries.
  • We did one per cycle, but I was monitored and used a trigger. If we hadn't needed clomid to get me to ovulate (which naturally was paired with monitoring and triggering), we would have done two insems/month to cover the window. That said, since your cycle is so regular, it might be worth trying 1/month for a few months. I suppose it's a matter of balancing the cost of an extra vial + extra insem against a whole additional cycle (do you get a break for doing 2 insems/cycle?)...
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  • We did 6 cycles with 1 insemination per cycle. I talked to the RE and researched online - it looks like there is no statistical difference between 1 or 2 inseminations. He recommended using 1 since he felt 2 wouldn't help and because we didn't have unlimited funds.


    Just a thought. Best of luck to you with whatever you decide! 

  • image bluedaisyus:
    we just did one per cycle. It took 6 tries. I don't have any advice on the cbefm or charting, though. my wife was medicated and monitored the whole time.

    This is true for us too, only we did 7 cycles over the course of 1 1/2 years because of money. Sorry for no more info, I think every couple does it a little differently, depending on how medical you want to go and what shape your finances are in.

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  • We did 1 the first cycle, 2 the second and are now on break.

    Regardless of Brill's advice, when we start again we'll most likely do 1/cycle natural until we move on to monitoring/meds at which point we'll still most likely only do one with greater accuracy.

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  • We did two our first cycle, which is all it took for us.  Our doctor recommends doing two so that is probably what we will do again when we try for our second child.  

    Good Luck!! 


  • From everything I read and speaking with my RE, personally I don't feel that 2 inseminations increases the odds significantly.  I have very regular cycles, when I charted things were fine.  We did one insemination per cycle.  Try #2 worked but it was a chemical pregnancy.  Try #3 is our baby girl! :-)  If money isn't an issue then go for two if it makes you feel good, but don't worry if one is all you do.


  • We did two per cycle for several months with no luck and then did one insemination with Clomid and trigger and had success the first try.  After wasting all the time and money for the first five times if I were to do it again I would start with Clomid and trigger as soon as the doctor would let me with one insemination a month.  Good luck!
  • We opted to do 2. I did 5 days of clomid...and the 2 inseminations and got pregnant on the first cycle. It's a tough call. When I originally ordered 2 vials of the sperm, I intended it to be for 2 cycles...but the doctor said to do 2 inseminations for that cycle...and it worked. Good luck with whatever you choose!!
  • we opted for 2 per cycle. we went to the fertility clinic for the 1st round and did home IUI for the 2nd round, which will result in a baby in our arms in 28 days (or so). my spouse was so much more relaxed when we did it at home. it was fun and relaxing and so much more intimate in our own bed.
  • We did 2 per cycle for 2 months with midwives and no luck. Month 3 we went to a fertility MD, 1 IUI on a natural cycle and now my wife is 5 weeks along! Next time around we are going to just do 1 per cycle. We heard if the IUI is poorly timed, 2 per cycle might increase chances. We used the clear blue easy ovulation predictor sticks and charted on fertility friend. It was confusing because the 2 didn't always match, but we ended up using the stick results for timing and in the end and it worked. Good luck!
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