Guess not...

Baby #2 will not be making an apperance as soon as I was starting to think.  I was getting ready to head out to buy a pee stick and discovered that my period seems to have started.  Well on the bright side I wont have to take a semeter off right after returning to school.

 On the downside still kinda dissapointed I was starting to look forward to another baby despite my being worried about the HELLP Syndrome I developed with baby #1. 

 Well another baby will make an apperance when its time no use getting too upset over not being pregnant right now. 

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Re: Guess not...

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    I know how you feel... 

    Part of me wants to wait awhile for another one and the ther part om me keeps hoping will get pg right away.  The tmming would stink since i just went back to work but, i would be so thrilled too...

    Big hugs!!

    10/17/2009 - Our Miracle came 10 weeks early. IF,2 MC and 1 Preemie we have our miracle.. Baby Hope 10 weeks 5days was taken from us on Dec 18, 2007. Forever with us and Forever missed. Triplets Lost baby A @ weeks, Lost Baby B at 6 weeks and lost baby Abigail at 14 weeks when she was born to little for this life..... Forever with us ....
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