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s/o TV story

Last night was the 24 series finale.  DH and I are addicted and depressed over this.  DS seemed tired early so we were thrilled.  However, he would NOT sleep.  I tried to get him down for 1.5 hours and he was still wide awake.  I even tried to sleep, thinking maybe my excitement to see 24 was contagious.

I finally gave up, brought him downstairs, and DH and I watched 24.  DS walked around, talked and played the entire 2 hours, minus commercials, thank god for DVR.  I don't think he looked at the TV even a single time.  He did, however, start to clap when there was applause!  He was still wide awake at the end so DH and I went to bed with him and he finally fell asleep.

 I can imagine telling him years from now how we would have let him watch something, even 24, if he had been interested!

Re: s/o TV story

  • LOL - I've been known to try to get DS to bed early on Wed and Thurs so I can watch The Office or Modern Family. And when he doesn't fall asleep - I decide that he needs to stay up until at least 8:30 :)

    I have a DVR, but sometimes, I just don't want to wait.

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