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I feel like I'm doing something wrong - CD

I've been trying cloth diapers for about a week now with a variety of them - GroBaby, BumGenius, Thirsties, Fuzzibuns, prefolds.  I know what I don't like, but I'm not in love with any of them.  I also thought LO's diaper rash would be gone, but it seems worse.  And his skin around his penis seems a little raw.  I change them at the same rate as disposables.  Usually every 1.5-2 hours, except overnight, when he sleeps about 10-11 hours.  Should I change more often?  Do you still use diaper cream when you CD?  Is there another brand I should try? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Re: I feel like I'm doing something wrong - CD

  • Does it seem like any of the diapers help the rash?  Your LO might be sensitive to some of the materials.  You could try cutting up squares of fleece and putting those in (they also work as liners for the rash cream).  If wetness is a problem the fleece will help pull away some of the moisture from the skin.  Another thought is that your LO might be sensitive to the detergent that you are using.

    Naked time is great for rashes.  CDs won't make the rash go away on their own but they will definitely help prevent more from coming.

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  • What detergent are you using, you may need to try a different one.  Your LO may be sensitive to the one you're using.  For diaper rash, I used California Baby, it's safe for CD's.  In one use, I was able to clear up a rash DS had.  It's also a CD safe one, that's easy to find in stores, Target carries it.
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  • I was thinking it could be detergent issues as well.  Are these new or used or from a trial package?  What kind of soap are you using on them?  What's your wash routine?

    I'd fiddle with my washing before I'd use rash creams

  • All of the diapers you mentioned (except prefolds) are polyester.  Personally, I don't use our prefolds unless I have to, because they are a PITA with a squirmy baby.  Have you tried a cotton AIO? 
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  • jshfjshf member

    I've just been using my regular detergent.  It's Costco brand, free and clear.  Am I supposed to be using a special detergent?    

    Which ones are all cotton?  I thought the inserts were cotton.  I like the ones with the flannel barrier, like BumGenius and FuzziBuns.  I'm not sure if I like snaps better or velcro.  They all seem a little loose at the top, near DS' belly.  But then again, so do disposables!  He's just got really super chubby thighs! 


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  • DD always had really bad rashes in CDs until I switched detergents. We use Purex Free & Clear now, without too many rashes. When she does get a rash, we use Burt's Bees diaper cream. It doesn't contain zinc oxide.

    If you think you'll be using  your diapers for another child down the line, I highly recommend getting dipes with snaps.  

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  • EmmieBEmmieB member

    I agree: switch you detergent.


    also - if there are pinprick type marks in the rash, then it's likely a yeast infection and not related to the diapers at all.


    but still switch to a cd detergent.

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  • jshfjshf member

    Check here for detergents that you can use


    Thanks for the link!  I didn't realize there were better detergents for CD.  I'll give it a try! 

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  • we use all free and clear and haven't had any rash issues, so you might want to give that a try as it's readily available.

    make sure you're doing a cold wash and a hot wash with an extra rinse.  you need to rinse until all the suds are gone.  detergent residue + pee = bad ammonia smell that can cause a burn like rash.

    BGs & FBs have inserts made of micro fiber.  BG organic AIOs are all cotton as are prefolds and most fitteds (well, most fitteds are natural material, not polyester.)  But if your son is haven't any issues with polyester clothing, that's probably not the problem with the diapers.

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