Bought a maternity tankini...

...this pregnancy is soooooo different from my first.  I proudly wore my regular bikinis with my first.  This time, no way.  YIKES!

Re: Bought a maternity tankini...

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    Where did you find yours at? I am having a time finding cute ones! I haven't looked at any maternity shops yet, just Target, etc.
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    I got one this wkend too.  I got the tankini top of a maternity at Target... not the most gorgeous suit, but works.  It was on clearance, so the bottom was sold out.

    I also bought a reg tankini a size up, and I think it may work.  We go on a wk long beach vacation in less than a month.  I think I may keep tags on JIC and see if it fits when the time comes.

    -- Jackie
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    I got one on sale a Pea in the Pod.  Was more than I wanted to spend for something I'll wear for about 3mos. but I felt best in that one compared to the cheaper ones.  I told DH I'll save it for when I'm a grandma.  That bad. 
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