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Wow! Didn't realize this board was active!

Hi ladies! The last time I checked this board (a loooooong time ago), it was not active. Most of the girls were on the Nest side. How exciting to see that it's active now! I was a regular on the OK Knot board in 2006 when I was engaged and moved to the Nest after that. DH & I moved to Austin, TX in 2008 and I joined their boards, but still kept up with the OK Nest board. We're back in OKC now after having our first child and I'm looking for new friends. I'll have to come back here more often!

P.S. My DD is 8 weeks old, so if you have any questions for a brand new OK mama, ask away!

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Re: Wow! Didn't realize this board was active!

  • Congrats on your DD!  Welcome back to Oklahoma...I love it here!  Smile
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  • This board isn't very active.  I check it every now and then. 

    Austin, huh.  I sure hope you moved back b/c of work.  :) I love Austin.  Such a fun City ....unlike Tulsa.

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  • Well don't know much about Austin, but the family and I moved here to OKC December 08.  I was born in OKC, but have lived in NJ off and on for the past 20 years. I say off and on because during that time I lived in Cincinnati, OH and Charleston, SC but always managed to go back to NJ. Not sure why because I wanted out of that state as soon as I would return to it. WEIRD!!  Well, I would love to connect with someone,make friends.
  • Congrats on your DD! I just discovered this board too. It doesn't look too active, but maybe more people will keep coming on over!
  • Your baby girl is beautiful!!!

    Well, I hope no one is offended, I'm not a mommy yet but I sure am trying!

    I've been trying to find an Oklahoma board for awhile. I live in OKC although I was born and raised in Chicago. Both me and my husband are transplants. I'd love to connect with anyone who's willing. I'll certainly be hanging around this board.

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