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Recommend a wrap....

I lurk here from EFF but I know there are lots of wrappers on this board so here goes.

I have a moby currently, but at a babywearing group today I got to try a woven and I really liked it. I have a big guy (13lbs at 2 months) and I think a woven would be more supportive. 

I am a plus sized mama and I am curious what size (length) you would recommend, and any particular brands I should look for. 

I was looking at the Girasols on FSOT and I LOVE the colors/stripes, but there didnt seem to be many of the 5.2 (I think) which is the size the woman at my babywearing group recommended. Are there any similar brands that you would recommend? 


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Recommend a wrap....

  • ncbellencbelle member

    I'd think a 5.2 is probably the way to go if you are plus sized.  You may find you want a shorter wrap later for single layer carries but it's easiest to learn the long carries first (plus you have moby experience so that will make the most sense for you).

    The closest to Girasol in terms of feel are Neobulles IMO - Neobulles are a bit thicker and many would say even more supportive than Girasols.  Both have a blankety softness to them and don't really require breaking in.  Any woven will be much more supportive than a moby!

    The only downside to a Neobulle and possibly a Gira is that you may find them a bit warm for summer (although cooler than the moby) - I see you are in FL.  If you don't plan to wear it outside, that may not be an issue for you.

    I have other info in my siggy links in terms of what brands are like and so forth.  


  • *Waves hi to M if you recognize me from TBW* :) 

    ncbelle is an expert, so this is just in addition to her suggestions. :) I think BBslens are great summer wraps and they have some stripey patterns too.  A 5.2 sounds great for multi layer carries, but you might consider a shorter wrap (maybe a 3.8 or so?) for kangaroo carries and learning to ruck if you are interested in back carries during the summer heat.  I'm already starting to gravitate away from my long wraps and sticking to my thin ones at that.  

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  • Thank you for the recommendations! I definitely will get a longer wrap for trying first. Then we might look at shorter ones. The heat in Fla is definitely a concern. But we will just have to see.

    I am excited to get one ordered!

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