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Co-sleeping Questions

My husband and I are just starting to delve into the world of attachment parenting!

We are interested in co-sleeping.  We're trying to decide if we want to bed share or do the Arms Reach co-sleeper bassinet.  We only have a full size bed right now, although we would consider going to a queen.  Thoughts?

Also, for those who co-sleep/bed share, what do you usually do when your baby sleeps during the day or other times when you're not sleeping with them?   


Re: Co-sleeping Questions

  • I would definitely recommend the arm's reach for when you first come home from the hospital, you can always move LO to your bed when he/she is as I say "more durable"  As LO gets bigger even a queen bed can be uncomfortable if he/she ends up being a mover at night.  DD kicks a lot at night and I couldn't imagine having DH in there with us, but he works nightshift so I don't get to sleep with him anyway :( on the plus side  I love sleeping with DD :)

    When DD naps, I lay with her until she falls asleep or sometimes I nap with her when I can! 

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    We also use the arms reach co-sleeper and love it.  We also have the one that goes in your bed with the small walls to avoid rolling over on them. During the day, I put him in his pack and play.
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  • When we came home from the hospital we had a queen bed, and LO just slept in the crook of my arm, had to get a little creative with positioning! Now, we've upgraded to a King, and LO sleeps in a boppy between DH and I. We switched to the boppy because she wanted to sleep more independently, but would still freak out if she wasn't in bed with us.
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  • We have the ARCS and used it when he was really we bed-share in our queen bed, which is plenty big for the 3 of us.  (Of course, DH gets up to go to work in the middle of the night and then we reeeaaallly spread out, haha!)

    For naps, we do a lot of different things to encourage flexibility, but we never push it if he doesn't like to nap in a particular way.  Currently he naps in my arms once a day and in his co-sleeper or on the bed once a day, and then various places for his 3rd nap....  Occasionally we do a crib-nap or he naps in the Moby. 


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  • We had an arms reach, but he didn't really like it. He ended up in the bed because that's just where we would fall asleep. I definitely wouldn't co-sleep on a full sized mattress, especially if you will both be sleeping there. It will be crowded and the baby will be really close to the edge, which is scary. We have a king, and even that is crowded sometimes.

    During the day, I would either put him in his swing, or when he was really little he would sleep in his moses basket. As he got older, he would nap in the bed and I would lie next to him (its a really great excuse for a nap!) or I would just stay in the room with him while he slept and read or work on the computer, etc.

  • With a full I'd definitely recommend an ARCS in the Original size, if you can fit it in your space.  We have one and a queen size bed and honestly, she's in our bed more than in the ARCS and we wish we had a king size bed now because she's getting too long for the ARCS.  So with a full?  Definitely get the ARCS (and use it...mine is more of a bed rail than anything else because we nurse side-lying and I usually doze off before I can move her into the ARCS).
  • We had the Snuggle Nest in our bed for a couple of weeks, but DS wasn't a huge fan so we do a combination of bedsharing and him sleeping in his pnp.  He starts out in his pnp but usually ends up with me by 2-3 am, where he sleeps until morning.  We have a queen bed, and DS sleeps in the crook of my arm in between DH and me, so DH can't rollover onto him without rolling onto my arm first.  Plus DH barely moves at night, so I don't really worry about that aspect of bedsharing too much.

    During the day DS sleeps in his bouncy seat or swing.  HTH!

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