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sling and carrier help please!!!

I would like to get a sling and or carrier to use with my 3 month old to use around the house and when we go out instead of using a stroller all the time. I was wondering if anyone had a baby k'tan and used it for both sling and other carry positions or if someone thought a maya wrap would be better for a sling carry. I have also looked at carriers and dont know which to choose I know people say good things about the ergo, beco, and pikkolo but I cant seem to decide. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, than you. 

Re: sling and carrier help please!!!

  • I don't know much about the KTan but I always recommend a ring sling. IMO it has the most versatility for the smallest learning curve and is easy to pop on and off for errands and general "running around". The Ergo, Beco, Pikkolo, mei tai, woven, (pretty much anything for a 2-shoulder carry) are better for longer time periods (more than 1-1.5 hours). It never hurts to have a variety at hand.
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    Here are my suggestions in another post:

     I have never used a Baby K'Tan but I everyone I know who has used one (several people) have loved them up to 12-15 lbs.  After that, they felt the need to move on.  Apparently they are very comfortable and easy to use but the don't last too long.  Good luck with your decision!

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  • I have had both a ring sling and k'tan, and have given away the latter.  As PP stated, it's not great for a heavier baby (very stretchy) and it isn't adjustable like a ring sling- It was never tight enough and I had the smallest size (and 2 babies in there!).  I only use ring slings and wraps.
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  • Love, love, love my Maya. We used it to take her to the pedi when she was 5 days old, and I use it all the time for all sorts of quick errands (less than an hour, or when I can sit down for a while), or when I know she's going to be in and out a lot.

    It's super easy to learn, like PPs said, and very secure once you learn it. And, the Maya has a zippered pocket on the tail for keys, wallet, extra diaper so that you don't have a purse/diaper bag to lug around and forget. I just bought a woven wrap too because I needed some 2-shoulder options as she got heavier (and wanted to do back carries, which you can't do in a Maya), but this is still pretty much our go-to sling.

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