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I wish I could teach my almost 2 yr. old patience!!

I know it's just the age but it gets a little frustrating at times.  For instance, this morning I picked up donut holes for the sitter's.  My son LOVES donuts.  I swear he whined the entire time it took to get to the sitter's....all he said the whole way there was "no-nuts, no-nuts!"  I was trying to explain to him that he would get some as soon as we got to Karen's but of course he's not going to really get what that means yet.  And then when we get home from work he does the same thing for dinner.  And we will even sometimes give him a little something to hold him over.  I wish he understood that it takes some time to whip up a meal :o)
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Re: I wish I could teach my almost 2 yr. old patience!!

  • I am LOLing at No-Nuts..

    Happiest Toddler on the block has a  "method" to teach kids patience... but i felt Eve was a bit young for it so I didn't really absorb it.. but maybe its worth looking into?

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