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Charleston: Good family friendly areas

Hello... we are considering moving to Charleston for my DH's job and I am looking online checking out housing (will go and visit soon). What areas are great for families with younger children (newborn/toddler age)? What are the best neighborhoods for school districts? My husband really liked Daniel Island.... I have never been. Any areas you would suggest?

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  • Depending on where you're moving from helps to choose an area here (comparing what you know and want to what's here). I moved from CA and lived downtown for 3 months while getting to know all the surrounding areas. I work downtown but live in Mount Pleasant now. I like this area more than the W Ashley/James Island area because it's a lot more like what I'm used to with things like wider streets, pretty metal street lamps and metal traffic light poles--not lights just strung across the road with wire (you'd be surprised how much more pleasant things like nice metal poles are!). Park West is a little distance out of downtown Chs but it has GREAT schools, a lot of amenities like pools, bike trails and tennis and a great community (the middle and elementary schools are within PW grounds and a pre-school as well). Everything you need from grocery to dining to dry-cleaning and dentists are near by and there are a lot of subdivisions within "Park West"; one to fit every budget and need. I'd def check it out! (and I have a great real estate agent if you're looking for one!) Sorry I don't really know the Daniel Island area at all yet.
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  • My DH has been stationed here for about 5 years now. We decided we liked the area enough & bought a house. Where you go really depends on your budget & what you are willing to go for. I've not been to Daniel Island but I know it's pricey, as most of the Islands are....again, pricey compared to the whole area. Mount Pleasant is very nice, but your lot sizes will be on the smaller size & houses are a lil closer (depending on area & $). Also you have to deal with the tourists (as most of the beachy areas) & the extra summer traffic. Mt. P is the way to get to Isle of Palms...which is so beautiful but also a major hot spot for vacationers. School are great in Mt. P, alot of Blue Ribbon Schools. We spent alot of time looking at houses there...until my DH decided he didn't want to be on an island in case of a hurricane. Yes, we do get bad storms here....nothing to loose sleep over, but they do happen.

    We bought in North Charleston in the Dorchester II school districts....which are rated highly. I'm going to be honest - the schools in SC are horrible. Make sure you hook up with a reputable realtor who really knows the area & won't "snow" you just for the sale. Plus, do a LOT of homework on the schools.  

    Good Luck & I hope I helped a little!







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  • We live in an older neighborhood in West Ashley, and love it.

    There are good and bad spots all over the area.  Johns Island leans more toward the beach crowd.  Folly beach is very close and the people are very laid back.  Mt. Pleasant is generally the more affluent side and an entirely different attitude. Downtown has an old Charleston v. college feel to it.

    Even within each section, there are exceptions.  West Ashley near Burns Down is very urban metro, revitalization.  Other sections are old south and still others might be considered ghetto.

    If what you are really looking for is school district, check out Dorchester 2.  They are the highest ranking in testing scores. Summerville High is known for its academics.  There are also some very nice private schools in the area.

    I apologize for not being more specific.  Without knowing more about your personality and price range, it is difficult to recommend a good part of town for you.

  • My husband and I moved to the area over a year ago and absolutely love it.  We lived in Mt. Pleasant for the first year, and I really liked Mt. Pleasant.  Park West is a great community as was posted, with basically everything you need right with in your community, pools, schools,grocery shopping, gym,daycare,resturaunts,ect.  In March we moved to Daniel Island and we absolutely love it here.  It is pricier than Mt. Pleasant but its beautiful here and there are so many community and family events and its a small town feeling.  I am a nanny and the family lives in Daniel Island Park, which is beautiful and has many ammentities including pools, tennis courts, gym, two golf courses ect.  I highly reccomend Daniel Island.  I do not have children yet, but its very family friendly with many parks that the boys and I love to visit.  Hope that helps you make your decision.


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