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2nd Trimester

Tilted Uterus problems urinating

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to share about pregnancy w/a tilted uterus. The uterus tilts toward the spine rather than toward the navel and 1 in 5 women have this.  Reading different medical sites, Dr's state the uterus naturally tilts forward sometime after the 14wk.  I am almost at 14wk and for the last wk have experienced difficulty urinating.

Yesterday I couldn't urinate at all and my OB/GYN told me to get to the ER for catheter and u/s.  I am now dealing with a catheter for a couple days until i see my OB/GYN. 

There are ways to move the uterus where the Dr manually manipulates it into place and I also saw a "knee-chest" exercise that might help where you 

  • Kneel, keeping knees apart.
  • Place arms and head on floor (on pillow).
  • Keep back straight and abdominal muscles slightly tightened.
  • Maintain position for a few minutes, then straighten and relax.
I'll post again once I know what the Dr will do, but will try this exercise for now. 

Anyhow, thought this could be useful to someone, take my advice, if you are not urinating w/in 2hr of drinking a lot of fluids call your OB who will likely tell you to get to an ER. And before this, once you notice a problem urinating call your OB, unfortunately I didn't know it would get worse as my uterus grows and tries to shift forward so hope this saves someone from the pain.
Disclaimer: Always seek medical advice before trying anything on your own.


Re: Tilted Uterus problems urinating

  • i think it runs in my family my aunt had it, and i had a slightly tilted one as well. I think around 14 weeks as well had a little hard time peeing for like i day or so, i tried some of the excersises and  it helped. My dr never really said anything about, i just know i was from my old obgyn, she mentioned it to me and asked it i had any problems or pain with it and i didnt so I didnt worry with it since it must have corrected its self since im now 25 weeks and no problems. Good luck and hope it adjusts to the correct position.
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  • I've got this as well - had no problems with my daughter 18 years ago. So far I've had no problems with this pregnancy either. Retroversion (which is what my OB and my GYN  have called this, is quite common. Usually the thing most people notice is not showing and back pain. So far the ONLY thing I've had is not showing. Thankfully I've really not had much back pain. Also I've never had problems with urination - in fact I would LOVE to go a little less often! Hope you get over the issues SOON. That just sucks!
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  • I have a tilted uterus, didn't find that out till I got pregnant but we always assumed I did seeing how all the women of my family have it. Only difference I've noticed is it does feel harder to pee, like my urine has become jello or something (sorry tmi) but I'm still able to go, and often.
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  • I feel your pain!!  For me, the difficulty urinating started increasing pretty much from the beginning.  My doc said it should get better between 18 and 22 weeks when the uterus moves up on its own.  At about 16 weeks, my husband had to take me to the ER in the middle of the night because I absolutely could not go.  I then had to learn to self cath and had to do that a couple times a day for a while.  I still have my days where it is difficult to go, but overall it is much, much better now.  Catheters are no fun!!

    I haven't talked to anyone else who has experienced this or even knew someone who had.  I promise it will get better soon - hang in there!  My doc also tried to manually move my uterus at about 16 weeks with no luck.

  • Good PSA - especially for 2nd time mommies. I didn't have this problem with my first pregnancy, but I did have it for a week or so this time - I was probably around 12-13 weeks and I couldn't urinate in the middle of the night. I called my OB, and since I didn't have any problems during the day, they felt it would resolve and to keep an eye on it.

    Luckily, as things grew, the problem resolved and I haven't had any trouble since.

  • A couple more tips:

    1.) Sleep on your stomach with one knee bent up and resting on a pillow

    2.) Try peeing standing up, or at least with your bottom off the seat

    3.) Take a warm bath and just go when you feel like you can (seriously!)


  • I have a 90 degree tilted uterus, but have never noticed any problems urinating.  

    In fact, I wonder if there's an exercise to make use NOT pee in the middle of the night??  I would be willing to try it... :) 

  • Hey ladies, sorry for the delay in posting.  My uterus is in the correct position and the Dr says "don't hold your pee!" turns out i was holding it too long and my bladders muscles relaxed too much allowing for more room to hold urine.

    So, as a previous post says, go when you need to!  When at work, hey, you're pregnant, you get to leave the meeting whenever you need to relieve yourself.

    Be well!

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