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can sneezing cause your water to break?

Re: can sneezing cause your water to break?

  • According to my Dr it can :) 
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  • Yes. My friend was born 2 months early because her mom sneezed and her water broke!
    Brady (7.15.10) and Nolan (5.11.13)
  • Seriously!  I had no idea it would, I just snissed and figured I would ask.  Interesting.
  • So maybe I should start sniffing some pepper...
  • ??  I've never heard of it, but if it works I may have to do some gardening this weekend...
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  • Yikes!  I had a sneezing fit this morning!  Indifferent
    Batman likes to watch cartoons on the weekends. Whatever.

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  • image anderhea:
    ::wanders off to sniff the pepper shaker::

    LMAO!!! Good idea! I held in a sneeze at CVS because I didn't want my water to break or to pee on myself while I was in line :P

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  • image Ruthgers:
    So maybe I should start sniffing some pepper...

    I seriously might try this, thats how desperate I am at this point.

  • nessahmnessahm member
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    This morning I sneezed and peed a little for the first time ever. I got so excited thinking my water had broken but nada...I have terrible allergies and have been a sneezing machine for the last couple of months so I doubt this will do the trick for me =(.

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