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Who uses/used their Beco with a newborn?

I have a Beco that I used with my DD from the time she was about 6 months old. I'd like to try and use it with my DS (11 days old), but I'm hesitant b/c he's still so little. Anyone had success with it? Did you put their legs out on either side or put them in froggy legged? I've also heard of one leg in, one leg out. Anyone try that? Thanks!

Re: Who uses/used their Beco with a newborn?

  • We used it with DS's legs froggy legged and a blanket rolled under him to prop him up a bit more.  Good luck!
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  • She just started fitting well about a week ago, probably when she broke 9lbs.
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    We adjusted the infant insert to fit him appropriately (following the video on the Beco site) and froggied his legs in.


  • We froggied DD legs, and she was in it at 4 days old.  She weighed 8 lbs 15 oz then, and was 21 inches long, so she was a pretty big baby.  We usually supported her head with our hands since she didn't like the hood fastened around her then, she always fell asleep in it within a few minutes when she was super little.
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