37 weeks. You can come out now, children!!

I really hope I leave the doctor's office tomorrow with some sort of "plan" for delivering these babies! So far, nothing scheduled. I'm starting to fear I'll be one of those women who carry twins past 38 weeks! DH asked me something about Memorial Day plans (in case I'm still pg) last night and I snapped at him - that will be 39 weeks!

I am as ready as I'll ever be now! 

Re: 37 weeks. You can come out now, children!!

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    Congrats on making it to 37 weeks!!!
    Me: PCOs DH: Perfect!
    4 Fresh IVF cycles + 1 FET where embies didn't survive the thaw = 2 perfect little men!
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    I made it to 38w2d because of Memorial Day!  My c/s was supposed to be scheduled for 38w, but that was Memorial Day Monday.  The next day was booked solid, so I had to go to Wednesday.  They stuck it out though!
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    Congrats!! And....TELL ME ABOUT IT! lol eviction notice needs to be served!
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    congrats on making it to 37 weeks!  I had my girls last year over memorial day weekend...hope you have a plan in place tomorrow!!!
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    I felt the same way!  Congrats and good luck!
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    Congrats on making it so far!!  I hope you get your plan soon!!
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    I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and feel the same way.....c'mon babies!  ANYTIME NOW!!!!

    My c/s is scheduled for a week from tomorrow however- I have 1 breech and 1 transverse baby. 

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