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Ergo users- 5 month old legs?

My LO is just starting to tolerate the Ergo again and I was wondering how his legs should be positioned. Should he still be frog legged at 5 months? He is 15-16 lbs. Does my size matter? I'm probably in an 8/10 right now.
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Re: Ergo users- 5 month old legs?

  • I didn't have the Ergo, but there is no way Delilah would have tolerated her legs being froggied in any carrier at five months.  She got ticked if I tried after 8 weeks! 

    I would try him with legs out and see how he goes.  You can always try both ways to see which he would prefer, but I would guess he'll want his legs out at his age :)

  • I tried his legs out and he seemed to like it fine. When my H tried the Ergo today, he said it seemed like his legs would be too spread if they were wrapping around him the way I had carried him. My H is very slim and it did look like they were spread out far around him. I don't want to hurt my little guy!
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  • My husband, who is a larger guy wears our daughter in the Ergo frequently, with her legs out. I noticed the other day, that when he  wears her, her knees are higher and her bum is lower than when I wear her. Although it happened without us thinking about it, I think it prevents her legs from being spread too wide.

    I hope this makes sense, I am not sure if I am describing it clearly.

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