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S/O of Buffalo Ladies ~Syracuse/Rochester ladies

Many of you know I'm a lia sophia advisor.  If anyone is ever interested in booking a party or learning more about becoming an advisor please let me know!

Re: S/O of Buffalo Ladies ~Syracuse/Rochester ladies

  • Hi!  If I want to do exchanges, can I do them through you?  I have I think 3 things that I want to either exchange because one is broken and the other two, I do not wear anymore.  I think that I have the receipts for everything, but will have to double check.

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  • Actually, as long as you have the receipts you can do it directly with lia sophia.  If you need a new catalog though I can get you one.  If your pieces aren't in the current catalog you can return them for items the same price as you previously paid.


    If you don't have your receipts than it is another story.  Basically, you're out of luck unfortunately.  Unless you know someone that has the same item and receipt (which I very well may) .


    Email me [email protected] if you would like me to get you a catalog.

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  • I wish we weren't broke. I love LS.
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  • imageRubyRed1085:
    I wish we weren't broke. I love LS.

    I feel ya.  Part of the reason I became an advisor was the ridiculous amount of jewelry I got for next to nothing!

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