Baby Jogger City Select - If you have/getting, come in...

I have the Baby Jogger City Select stroller.  I know I need the twin conversion kit to be able to add the second seat.  Today, the store called to tell me the car seat adapters are finally in.  (yay!)  I am going to pick them up this afternoon. 

My questions are:

1) do I need the twin conversion kit to be able to use the 2nd set of carseat adapters? 

2) Does the twin conversion kit allow you to use both the carseat adapters and the 2nd seat? 

3) Or do I need a different twin conversion kit when I get the 2nd seat? 

4) Where did you get your twin conversion kit?  I can't seem to find them anywhere....they seem to all be on backorder.  :(

Re: Baby Jogger City Select - If you have/getting, come in...

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    I don't have an accurate answer  for this as I don't need the adapters .... but I think you wouldn't need the conversion kit if you're getting the kit for car seats plus the second seat ... I could be wrong.  I'd call BJ to make sure


    I am pissed at BJ .... my second seat keeps getting put on back order and by the time I get it the kids won't be in a stroller Super Angry

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    i don't know what you mean by "twin conversion kit" - do you mean the 2nd seat? 

    You'll need to buy the 2nd seat (it comes with everything it needs to work) plus whatever they sell for the car seat adapters - i'm not sure how they come b/c i didn't need them.

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    Ditto Goldie. You buy the stroller, then the 2 sets of car seat adaptors, and the second seat separately. 
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    cadencaden member

    I don't know what a "twin conversion kit" is, sorry.

    From what I understand you must order the 2nd seat AND the 2nd car seat adaptor in order to be able to attach a 2nd seat. Apparently, the 2nd car seat attachment needs special mounting brackets, which are only sold with the 2nd seat. BJ may (I'm not sure) sell the extra mounting brackets separately though, so that's something to double check. 

    It does seem like a lot of these city select accessories are on backorder. Hopefully b/c that's just b/c they're relatively new.

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