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Finally getting my Ergo!

I've been on the fence about getting an Ergo. I've got the Bjorn with the added back support feature so I'm comfortable, but I've been looking for something else due to the hip issues and the bjorn. DS favorite position is out facing, so I tried a Pikkolo and don't like it. I saw that carries Ergo and has free shipping with a great return policy if DS doesn't like it. Here's hoping!

Re: Finally getting my Ergo!

  • K.a.T.eK.a.T.e member
    Ergo doesn't face out, does it?  I think the beco does.
  • bellaRNbellaRN member

    Neither ergo or beco face out. Though beco is coming out with the gemini (taps finger... any day now), which has a forward facing option.



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