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As it was getting buried...I met with Dr. Brown. mike and I really liked him...I love that his c-section rate is low, and he doesn't do alot of episiotomies. Now if I can just make sure he's the one there when I go into labor. haha.
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  • ::butting in::  Talk to me about this doctor....


    I like mine, but I was kind of forced into using this office because I was so late in my pregnancy when we moved.  The low c-section rate is what caught my eye.  Where is this doctor located?

  • they are over in the bridgeport exit of 481. Em and I both go there, and I don't know about anyone else.

    i've seen two drs and both nurse practitioners. I'm not a huge fan of one of the NPs, but the other is super nice....And the wait is usually really short...

    The office is CNY womens healthcare.

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  • FYI- There are several Dr.Brown OBs in the Syracuse area.  At least 3, I think.  Just so you know.
  • yeah, I know, but he delivered tess...Em and I go to the same place.
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  • Sorry I'm responding so was move day!

    Dr. Fitzgerald is actually the one who delivered T and I loved him!  He seems really goofy when you have apointments for him, but he was really supportive of my birth plan and worked with my doula.  The best thing in my opinion is that he was there the whole time I was in labor, and actually "talked" to the staff when they had a resident check me instead of him.

    Dr. Brown is a great doctor too.  I did a complicated delivery with him recently, and he was very composed despite the complication (to a c-section) and he has such a warm, friendly personality.  He is also the most VBAC friendly (which obviously you don't need, but it says something about him as a doctor.


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