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Bed Rails for Bed-Sharing?

I move my DD into the bed with me every night after she wakes. She is starting to roll around more while we sleep. It's making me really nervous that she's eventually going to fall out of the bed, even though she currently doesn't get anywhere near the edge. It's so bad that for the past two nights, I've had dreams that she's rolling out and I jump up to save her and she's sound asleep right next to me!

So, I'm wondering what my options are here? My FI won't go for putting the bed on the floor, so I can't go that route (though he doesn't sleep with us while we bedshare). I'm afraid bed rails are too much of a suffocation hazard. Are there any that aren't? Do I have other options? And what the heck do I do when she starts to crawl? Thought I'd check with those who've already been there! Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Re: Bed Rails for Bed-Sharing?

  • I accidentally came across this co-sleeping pad on Amazon the other day while doing a Google search for co-sleeping. It looks interesting.


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  • I don't have any advice. We never did bed rails because I was always afraid that DS would pull himself up on them and fall over. Once DS outgrew the Snuggle Nest, he slept between DH and I.
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