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food issue mamas - breakfast help

i'm going back to work on the 24th (sniff, sniff) and need breakfast help.  I teach and every day, would have instant oatmeal on my plan.  my kids laughed about it.  but, lo has wheat/gluten issues, so i'm afraid of oatmeal.  i'm looking for something hot but microwavable.  any ideas?  thanks!!!!!!
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Re: food issue mamas - breakfast help

  • Not sure if they are gluten free, but maybe grits? They are made out of hominy corn. You could check the package
  • me, but lo has issues w/ wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and almonds.
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  • Can you have eggs? Scrambled eggs are easy to make in the microwave -- toss in some veggies and you can have a scrambled omelet.
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  • Something boxed - i don't have a fridge.  Like hot wheat cereal, flaxseed, oatmeal, etc.  Extremely simple.  

    i do love me some eggs tho.  Mmmmmmm..... 

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  • I eat GF Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal every day. I add cinnamon, brown sugar & raisins.

    ETA: You could prepare it  @ home & stick it in a Thermos. I boil water & the sugar & cinnnamon, add oatmeal & raisins (1:1 ration water & oatmeal), take it off the burner & let it stand for maybe 5 mins. 

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  • I have hot rice cereal every morning - like grits.  I have Arrowhead Mills brand, I think.  It's just brown rice.  I top it with cinnamon, canned peaches or fresh blueberries, sometimes honey.  Today I topped it with Applegate Farms precooked chicken and apple breakfast sausage.  It's pretty good and filling.  And it's easy to make - 1:3 ratio of cereal to water and microwave for 3 mins.
  • I eat CherryBrook Farms gluten free pancake mix.  What about making some of those at home, and then re-heating them at work.  They're really good pancakes too.  I use either Very Vanilla Soy or Rice Milk when I make them. 
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  • if you are a fan of instant, glutenfreeda has GF-certified instant oatmeal. we have bought it online before, and it's good. the label indicates "manufactured in a facility that also processes soy", but their customer service people were able to reassure us about their practices.

    i do regular GF-oatmeal, make up several days worth in advance and reheat as needed. DD and i both eat this.

    ditto PP. homemade pancakes and waffles do freeze really well.

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