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Nursery paint reccomendations please

Hi Ladies. I know I need to buy paint with no VOC's, however I'm thinking there areoher nasty additives in paint that should be avoided as well. Did anyone use one that they liked with no smells and no coverage problems? Thanks:)

Re: Nursery paint reccomendations please

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    PoonicoPoonico member
    DH is a contractor.  We use Lowe's Olympic no-voc paints.  Work great and there was no smell :)
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    Another vote for Lowe's Olympic no voc paints.  The tint will add voc's, but not many.  Coverage was average as all walls needed 2 coats of paint.
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    We used Home Depot's Fresh Aire in DS's room and really like how it turned out. 
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    If you are ok with spending more, try Mythic.  It is completely non-toxic and VOC free - they have their own pigments for it.

    I was VERY pleased with the coverage of the paint.  Extremely nice finish and it was super easy to use.

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