moms of boys, please???

I just took the twins for their 1 yr check up and the pedi said my son's "balls have not dropped."  She gave me a # to a pediatric surgeon.  This is my first and only boy so I have no idea about this "area."  At what age is the dropping supposed to happen??  She also said his scrotum isn't big enough and the balls are in the canal and should be dropping lower. She said it's an easy fix procedure but I'm thinking sugery?!?!?!?!  can anyone give me any info on this?

Re: moms of boys, please???

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    I've heard of it, but know nothing about it.  I'm sorry, hopefully it's a super easy fix.
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    my friends son had one of his testicles not drop...the pedi suggested they wait until he was one to see if it would eventually drop, if it didn't he would need outpatient surgery to go in and bring it down, also to see if there was a reason for it not dropping.

    He got to 1 y/o and it hadn't dropped so they did the surgery and he was running around like himself the next day :-)

    it does seem to be a common, good luck!

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    My son had an undescended testicle and a hernia. Sometimes it drops on its on or he may need surgery. Mine had surgery for it and he's doing just fine. He has to go back for u/s to see if the testicle is growing if not then its not a fertile testicle. We go back in a couple of weeks for another f/u.



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