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I feel like superwoman!

I almost wish I was feeling worse because then I would sit my butt down like I am supposed to.

Today I have done 3 loads of laundry (DH carried it to the basement for me, and I'm waiting for him to carry it upstairs so I can put it away), made lunch & ATE, had a friend visit with her toddler, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and BOTH boys are napping right now! Paul is in the bouncy chair sleeping which is unheard of & has been sleeping for 30 minutes *knock on wood*.

Oh and DH went to work forr a few hours so I am flying solo.

I know this isn't going to last, but I am loving it for right now! lol

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Re: I feel like superwoman!

  • You ARE superwoman!

    You know, my boss has had 3 natural deliveries (not home though)....she has told me she always feels so awesome after. She said all the natural hormones and adrenalin keep her going for days!

    Do take it easy though.....or pretend your tired when dh gets home, you need to rest!

  • Nice! I have two overflowing baskets that need folding - already carried up and sitting next to the couch. You're welcome to tackle those!

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  • I love you Kim, but you're making me feel like an ENORMOUS slacker.

    How bout you just sit your little butt down on the I am.. :) I have done 1.5 loads of laundry so far.. and put 2 dishes in the dishwasher.. This is a big accomplishment for me and I did not give birth 4 days ago.

    Also, after I looked at your pics last night.. I dreamed that I had a home birth.. and it was really easy.. but I gave birth on the toilet..

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  • So Paul woke up the second I hit post

    Back to the nursing marathon! Which means I have to sit now Stick out tongue

    Charlie 11.01.07 ~ Paul 05.07.10 ~ Annaliese 02.24.12
  • good for you! i love how good i feel when i get things accomplished :) i was thrilled to get vacuuming, two loads of laundry, and the kitchen cleaned before work this morning.  the silly part is that i could do this every morning, instead of playing online.
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  • You *are* superwoman!  Take care of yourself though. 
  • Wow!  i think a homebirth makes you superwoman!
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  • Wow Kim! That is great but do take it easy so that you can keep feeling good.
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