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How does craig's list work?

I was thinking about a CBEFM and see one on craig's list, but I've never used it before.  Do you have to meet the person, or do they ship it, or does it just depend on the person?  I'm a little scared to email without knowing what I'm getting myself into.  TIA!

Re: How does craig's list work?

  • You typically go and pick it up in person.  I would meet at a public place or take someone for sure.  Be careful. 
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    I've usually met in a public parking lot or something to do the exchange.  Use money order or cash so they don't have your address from your checks.
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  • Thanks!  I'll have to think about it more...
  • I bought my CBEFM off ebay - is that an option for you? That way it's shipped to you.
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  • I've sold tons of stuff on craigslist and have had no problems.  I've always met in a parking lot on a main road, and have asked for payment in cash.

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