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Is Buy Buy baby worth the trip?

Is it better/bigger than BRU? I know Rochester isn't that far but is it really worth it? Can you use Bed bath and beyond coupons there? If not is there a way to get coupons?  I'm just wondering if the bedding and double stroller selection is better than BRU.

Re: Is Buy Buy baby worth the trip?

  • I've never been, but I would go if I were you! I know you can use BB&B coupons too.

    I heard they are putting one on Sheridan, where the old DSW was... I drove by the other day and they are starting something! ;)

  • How awesome would that be.  I drive by everyday and see the vacant lot.  They should have just used the old Linen's n things building
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  • They do have a big stroller selection.  I've never paid attention to the bedding though so I don't know what they have that BRU doesn't.  And yes, they take BBB coupons and BRU ones too.  If you decide to make the trip, we can meet up for lunch or something!
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  • YES. The stroller selection is MUCH MUCH better. They do seem to have more of the high end strollers too..  I don't know about the bedding for sure.. I've not looked.. And yes, they take BB&B coupons.. and I'm not sure how but I am on their mailing list...I probably get one flyer with a coupon on it every 2 months.. Maybe I gave them my phone # when I was in the store.. or maybe I signed up online..
    Its really not that far either.. I drove to the BRU in Rochester when I was 36 weeks pregnant by myself for some of my bedding stuff..
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  • They do have a pretty good stroller selection there, I think it's better than BRU. 

    And yes, if you decide to come, let's have a little GTG!

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