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nystatin and LO spit-up

Anyone else have their LO start with massive quantity and increased frequency spit-up on nystatin? My DD#1 had reflux and so far DD#2 has spit-up infrequently and rarely in large quantities. She is 3 weeks 5 days old and today has spit-up 4 massive quantities and at each of her last 4 feedings. This is unusual for her and she now seems uncomfortable/fussy which is also unusual for her. She started nystatin on Thursday and that may be the cause but I am concerned about reflux since this is the time it starts. Just curious if anyone had a problem with LOTS of spit-up while LO was on Nystatin?Obviously it isn't an urgent problem, but my DH is worried about it, too. We had such a hard time with DD#1 until we got the reflux under control.


Re: nystatin and LO spit-up

  • Sorry she's not feeling well. DS had reflux too and he was on Nystatin too, so I can't really say if the spit ups are related or not. I want to say that the Nystatin didn't cause a lot of spit up for us and his reflux came after he was off of it. Hope she feels better!
  • We had projectile spit-up on Nystatin.  It was shocking.  It happened on a similar time line to you.  We started Nystatin on a Tuesday and by Friday he was spitting up large quantities with great force.  We stopped the Nystatin as DS had never exhibited any thrush symptoms.  The spit up stopped.  I am lucky that it seemed to be enough of a treatment to not pass it back and forth since I have been yeast free on my nipples since I stopped Diflucan.  Good luck.  We did call the pedi before stopping. 
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  • Thanks. I hope it is just the nystatin and not reflux like our first LO had. She did sleep well after 2am last night without spitting up so I am hopeful.
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