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the nap strike IS weaning related

I've posted a lot about how DD hasn't napped since I dropped her pre-naptime nursing session almost 3 weeks ago. Well, today I experimented with skipping the wake-up nursing because DD didn't ask for it right away. I told myself I would nurse her as soon as she did ask. So she went about her morning, then around 10:45, she seemed to suddenly remember she hadn't nursed and wanted to right then. I nursed her from 10:45-11:15, then lo and behold, she looked happy and sleepy. She played for a little while after and just before noon, DH tried putting her down for a nap. She went right out. And slept until 3pm!

I suppose I could try this mid-morning nursing thing to buy myself a few more naps, but I really want to drop the last nursing session entirely soon. Help!

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