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"oh.. and dumb question.. how do you have a 2nd degree tear and no stitches? will it just heal right on its own? (my other question is how you have a 10lb baby and a 2nd degree tear and I have a 6lb baby with a 4th degree.. but thats another story for another day)"

Since the tear was where my stitches with C were it is laying completely flat. She couldn't even tell there was a tear until she kind of prodded it. So I opted to just let it heal on its own, I just have to try to sit with my legs together to make sure it stays flat!

I think the water helped with the tearing? Also I didn't really forcibly push him out, I waited until my body started pushing on its own & then worked off of that.

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Re: MelissaSue

  • hmm. Interesting.. Well try to rest up and make sure you heal! Good luck!
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