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Getting the baby's room ready...

OK, not really. I don't have any furniture in there or anything. I'm just cleaning out the closet and everything else that we piled in our spare bedroom over the past year or so.

The amount junk I just threw out was amazing! And the room looks so much bigger without boxes and stuff all around!

There, one more thing done so DH can replace the floors!

Re: Getting the baby's room ready...

  • im doing this today too!
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  • We've got a bedroom to clean junk out of too, then we have to replace the windows in it, our goal is to have the room done and move ds into it by the end of August
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  • :-) We got the junk cleared out and the room and trim painted... painting the ceiling this weekend and doing the floor next weekend :-)
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  • I really need to start on that! Right now we have a closet full of Christmas stuff and empty boxes. There is also a full sized bed, a bookcase, a dresser, and nightstand. We need to figure out what we're going to do with that bed. The bookcase and nightstand need to be moved into our room. H is going to re-finish the dresser so we can keep it it in the baby's room. H's boss is GIVING us an almost brand new crib and changing table, and he's bringing it over on Sunday morning. So we need to get to cleaning out that room tomorrow!
  • We were painting the guest room and just got a bed, dresser and desk to put in there.  They were all from late mil house.  My brother is living with us so once he moves out the items will move in the shed once the baby stuff moves out. 
  • I am dreading doing this.  Our guest room is like a storage closet/ pit of junk.

    We might find Jimmy Haffa in there...

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    Baby #2!! We can't wait to meet you!

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