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how's sleep going since the second chiro visit & no nuts?

Re: [ mistress ]

  • Better! He was in a fantastic mood yesterday & slept great for naps & nighttime Tues - last night. Last night he was pretty restless but not as bad as before.

    His face is red again today & he has some broken capillaries. I would think it was still leftover nut reaction but he was completely cleared up after the Benedryl dose. I think we may go back to the allergist again & have more tests done. We've been conservative on testing b/c the allergist didn't want to over test when it's not necessarily 100% accurate, but if it's something other than just nuts I'm at a loss. Nuts are def a problem but today's rash concerns me. 

    Blargh. I'm so sick of playing detective on this. At least we're seeing some improvement though, & the chiro care is def helping the reflux. 

    Thanks for asking. 

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