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Sidecar parents - question for you

We have been bed-sharing with DD since she was born.

At 4 months we started putting her in her crib for the first part of the night since she goes to bed at 7pm and we don't go to bed until 10pm. After 10pm, the next time she'd wake up I'd bring her in bed with us.

Our crib was part of the latest recall, and LaJobi said 2-3 weeks until we receive the hardware kit, so DH and I decided to side car the crib to the bed. I *love* it and wish we had done that earlier.

However, we still aren't able to put her to bed before us and have been putting her in her swing to sleep for the first part of the night...

My question to you is... is there anyway to rig the sidecar crib so that we can have DD sleep in there on her own before we come to bed? Some form of boundary to keep her safe in the crib in case she wakes up?


Re: Sidecar parents - question for you

  • We were wondering the same thing when we put up the sidecar.The only suggestion I have is to get a video monitor if you don't have one. Sorry my advice is ito spend $, but I really don't think there is any other safe solution. I hope ppl respond and give us some ideas.
  • We put DD in there before we go to bed.  I just put a pillow/blanket barrier, and she's never even gone close to the bed.  I've taught her to stay in the crib part by picking her up over the crib instead of on the bed side.  Does that make sense?  I also run in there the second she makes a noise.  We've had no problems yet, and she's rolling, crawling, pulling up, and taking steps.
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  • aciaacia member

    Hmmmm... Well, DD doesn't move much in her sleep, so I usually nurse her in our bed, and roll away from her leaving her on my side. The crib is on one side of her, and the other side of the bed is so far away that she'd have to roll about 8 times to get there (we have a king). I leave her there until we come to bed a few hours later, and then move her to the crib. We also have a video monitor that I watch like a hawk, which gives me peace of mind.

    If she is a big mover, you could lower the crib mattress a few inches, so that it's no longer flush with your mattress. Then it would create a little ridge that she couldn't roll over (though she's obviously be able to climb out if she's super mobile after you put her down).

    Sorry I can't be more helpful... I'm thinking I might have to put the side up on our crib in a couple months as DD becomes more and more active! So sad... :-(


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  • Thanks for your posts. I'm not so much worried about her moving in her sleep, as much as I am worried about her waking up and crawling out and off the bed.

    But typically when she wakes up in her crib she starts to cry before she rolls over and crawls or pulls up. And our living room is close to the bedroom, so we would be there pretty soon after hearing her cry. Maybe we'll just give that a try and see how it goes.

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