Nasal drops

So both boys have runny noses and gunked up eyes.  I took them to the dr and it hasn't moved to their chest or ears yet.  So I feel like I'm just waiting for that to happen.  The only thing they told me I could do for them is Nasal drops.  Did you guys find that it helped clear their noses up?

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    janjagjanjag member

    it might turn into a full cold or ear infection, but not necessarily!

    the saline drops are harmless.  not sure if it helps or not.  it's a fun activity trying to get the bottle up their noses ;) 

    i use them and they help me with allergies/postnasal drip.

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    One of my babies is sick with a head cold right now as's been 6 days =(  But she is more congested than runny.  We have done all the tricks...steam in a shower, humidifier, nasal drops/aspirator, sleeping elevated, etc...NONE of it works.  None of it!!  We took her to the pedi today and they just said we have to ride it out and to keep doing what were doing.   So I guess the saline could help your LO...but it hasn't mine yet =(

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