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s/o interesting parenting ideas

I saw this video about the "slow parenting/ free range parenting movement"..

It brings up some interesting ideas and I still dont know how I feel about the whole reading to your kid thing (in the video) 

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Re: s/o interesting parenting ideas

  • I agree with basically everything in that video.  Slow parenting very much appeals to me.  I think it's sad that you can drive down a majority of streets in this country and never see kids playing outside.  When I was growing up, I would just run around with a pack of kids playing all around the neighborhood. 

    Now, I will say that I read to Rosie, but I also let her read on her own, and that same scene with the little girl reading in bed has happened in my house.  I also try to involve her in any task that I'm doing, like cooking dinner or doing the laundry.  It makes my chores more enjoyable, and she learns a lot. 

    We've also said that we'll allow our children to do one or two activities that they are interested in when they are older.  I refuse to be the parent who spends all day in the car driving to and from lessons, practices, and camps.  I know people whose 2.5 year old was in a soccer league, complete with practices and games!  

  • I like this video. It's kinda like how I wish my life could be...but there's just no way. Esp b/c I don't think a SAH website business would pay our 100K in school loans.

    I think the lack of television is so much more important than reading to a child. Every day I say to myself - today I should cancel cable...and only turn it on after the kids go to bed. But I think DH and I are basically addicted to it even if just for background noise. I also almost mourn the fact that I don't think I will ever be able to just open the door, send the kids out to play and say "be back by dinner!" It's not like there has been an increase in kidnappers/child molesters.

    But we do give Evan the freedom to go anywhere but the bathroom in our house without following him. He is very content to make up games and figures things out on his own - even now. He "reads" books by himself all the time...actually more than we read to him. We don't baby gate him in to an area only meant for toys.

    I think reading is important - but it's what you read and how you analize that is key.....actually thinking. I mean, is it really that much better to help your child learn to love reading if all they read is Mary Higgins Clark books? I think that giving your children life experiences, from cooking to travelling, is way more important.


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  • I loved that video and bookmarked it. I'm not a parent but I hope that I can embody a life like that for my children. I don't believe in tv for kids or lots of toys. I'm in a wood toy kick and get my nephew wood blocks and all fun things wood. I figure he can figure it out on his own.?

    I also believe that a child seeing their parents read will inspire them to read as well. I have told DH that I wanted family reading time several times a week. Glad to see others think it's cool too. ?

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