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Don't you wish...

*disclaimer- I swear I would NEVER do this, lol

ever wish you could leave LO while they were napping or asleep? Like lock the door and just run out real quick. Justin naps consistently for 1.5-2 hrs I need to run to the store for just 1 thing to make lunch. I know I could totally be back in 10 mins if i go alone. Now I have to wait until he gets up.  Oh well :)

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Re: Don't you wish...

  • Haha - I said the same thing to DH. And I said that I bet a lot of people do. We have a Dash's right down the street....and it would take me 10 minutes to go and grab something quick.

    I think the only thing that is stopping me is the chance of a fire...or someone seeing and calling CPS ; )

    Oh - and I have the same disclaimer - I would NEVER do this!


  • Yes! The same goes for sleeping in the car and having to run into a store. I can understand how tempting it is to just leave them. Especially if they are out of the infant carrier.

    I feel the need to add the disclaimer too **I would NEVER do this**

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  • Yes ;) The other day I wanted to get something in the mail, but I missed the mailman. There is a mail box about 3 blocks away, and the post office is down the street... of course Evan decided to actually take an afternoon nap, so I missed the last pick up time. But I thought to myself... I could run around the corner and be back in 2 minutes. Of course I didn't do it!
  • yes.  i had to go to the atm and ended up paying the $3 fee b/c the BOA doesn't have a drive thru ATM.  Or even just to run and grab something in Wilsn Farms.  I have the same disclaimer wouldn't leave E for a second
  • Oh yeah!

    I LOVE that Charlie now takes a 3 hour nap, but it is the entire afternoon! I was just thinking how great a nice long walk would be right now, but he just went down.

    Of course I would never leave him home alone, but it has briefly crossed my mind ;)

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